Elio Vitali oil on canvas Still Life “Rose”


  • Elio Vitali
  • oil on canvas
  • Red and Pink Roses
  • Still
  • Framed

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Product Description

A well executed still life of two displays of roses by Italian artist Elio Vitali…One large vase containing pink roses and a smaller glass vessel containing red roses. The painting is not only signed by the artist to the top right corner but he has also signed the reverse side of the canvas and there is a certificate of authenticity stapled to the back in Italian. The painting come sin its original gilded wooden frame which measures 79 x 59 cm (31″ x 23″), and the canvas measures 60 x 40 cm (23.5″ x 16″).

Elio Vitali Italian 1900 – 1979.

This is an excerpt from an article about this painting in a local newspaper….

Elio Vitali was born in Florence in 1900 and spent much of his working life teaching others how to paint. There is very little known about him biographically and my research has come up quite dry this week. However, he was predominantly known as a painter of clowns…His best friend apparently trained as a clown. Apart from clowns, the only other style of painting I have found of his is still life and nearly every still life of his I have found has been of roses. Elio Vitali died in 1979.

This is quite a large oil on canvas with two separate vases of different coloured roses within them. The larger and more dominant vase contains pink roses and dominates the main part of the picture, but there is a small vase of red roses which beautifully painted.

The painting is signed not only to the top right of the main painting, but it is also signed on the rear of the canvas and comes with its original Certificate of Authenticity, which has also been signed by the artist. It has a price tag of £180.