Alfred Allan Oil On Canvas Seascape of St. Monans, East Fife, Scotland


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Product Description

Large seascape oil on canvas of St. Monans on the coast of East Fife by renowned Scottish artist Alfred Allan. The painting is amazing in it’s detail with the heavily applied oil giving real texture to the waves breaking over the rocky shoreline. With the sun desperately trying to break through the heavy cloud cover to the centre of the painting. This is a truly beautiful picture. In a hardwood frame measuring 84 x 59 cm. The canvas itself measures 76 x 51 cm.

Alfred Allan was born in Belfast but, as a child moved to the East coast of Scotland with his parents and on becoming a full time artist has established himself as a painter of some repute, specialising in Scottish coastal scenes.

The following is an extract from a newspaper article on this very painting…

Representing Scotland this week is a beautiful seascape acrylic on canvas by well-known Fife based artist, Alfred Allan, this is a stunning example of Allan’s work. The painting is entitled “St Monans”.

Alfred Allan was born in Belfast in 1944. He showed very early signs of a desire and ability to draw and paint. At school the only classes he really excelled in were the art classes. By the time his family moved to Leslie in Fife, Scotland in 1957 it was clear that Alfred was destined to become an artist. However, due to family difficulties, Alfred was unable to go to art college and started work at the age of 16. He continued to paint in his spare time and kept improving his work until he got to a stage where his work was in such demand that he turned to art as a full-time career. He has held many exhibitions in galleries close to his home in Scotland, but his works are owned by people all over the globe. He can count many celebrity clients among his customers and is always amazed at how many people are keen to buy his latest work.

He has run many exhibitions and help groups for up and coming local artists and runs workshops to assist in the development of new talent.

With the beautiful Fife coastline and the Perthshire countryside being on his doorstep Alfred Allan’s main body of work reflects local landscape and seascape scenes. This painting is a cracking example of his work, with St Monans in East Fife being the focus of this painting which would have been painted around 1975. The use of a palette knife to apply the paint has given the sea a life of its own in this painting. The wave tops are being whipped into white horses and there is the hint of the sun desperately trying to break through the heavy cloud to brighten the whole proceedings. It has a price tag of £750.