Anthony Casay Print on Canvas in Large Gusso Frame


  • Anthony Casay
  • Californian Seascape
  • Waves breaking on a beach
  • Sunset
  • Heavy Gusso frame

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Product Description

Majestic seascape of waves breaking on a secluded beach with the sun setting over the rocky cliffs around the left hand side of the picture. The artist has picked out beautifully the dipping sunlight breaking through one of the waves as it is about to break on the shore. Tucked in to the back of the painting is a leaflet about Anthony Casay dating from the 1990’s. The heavy gusso frame measures 120 x 80 cm. The canvas itself measures 90 x 60 cm.

Anthony Casay was born in Spain but has lived most of his life in The USA. He settled in California in 1963. He is self taught and his originals are in collections around the world.