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Product Description

“Vive La France Rear II” is one of two pictures by Domingo Alvares Gomez currently for sale in our gallery. Works by Domingo are highly sought after and to have a pair is very unusual.

This painting is a great example of Domingo’s work. A study in pastel of a brunette girl’s back tantalisingly revealed from within her lacy clothing, whilst she turns her head slightly to the right, as if towards the viewer. Beautifully painted this picture is framed, glazed and mounted in modern style. The frame measures 63 x 54 cm. The painting itself is 38 x 30 cm and is signed to the bottom right corner.

Domingo was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1946. Having completed his studies in 1966 Domingo became a book illustrator, but by 1975 decided that a full time career as an artist was what he craved. He has become a favourite artist of many discerning art lovers around the world and his works are increasing in value.

Here is an extract of a newspaper article featuring this very picture….

Domingo………A Bareback Beauty.

A beautiful painting this week of the back of a scantily clad lady by the Spanish artist Domingo, one of the world’s best painter in pastels.

Domingo Alvarez Gomez is a world-renowned artist who was born in Barcelona in June of 1942, where he still lives and works. He loved drawing and painting from an early age and was destined to become an artist. He is completely self-taught. On completing his studies in 1966 he travelled to London before quickly becoming a highly sought-after book illustrator for many publishing houses and design studios in his native Spain. In 1971 he became editor of a very influential Spanish art magazine. This time in his life was pivotal in shaping his future…He developed his painting skills in his spare time by experimenting with various different mediums and eventually realised he could get better results through using the subtle tones of pastels. By 1975 he had established enough of a reputation as a quality artist to go it alone and turned his back on the corporate life to paint full-time. He spent a lot of time early in his career in France and developed quite a following there and in London before returning to his beloved home city of Barcelona. He has a fantastic eye for detailing the female form and his ability to correctly paint the subtle changes in skin tones has made him one of the world’s most sought-after painters of his genre.

This painting is very typical of his work it is painted in pastels and features a dark-haired lady, probably his wife (Rosa-Maria) who features regularly in many of his paintings, facing away from the viewer but with her head turned slightly to one side with her bare back exposed to the viewer. It is simply beautifully realised, with the tones changing ever so slightly as the light falls across her body. The shadowing under the shoulder blades accentuating the natural curves of her back. It is a style of painting that has become Domingo’s own personal signature. This painting is one of a pair that depict the same model in virtually the same pose. The difference between the two pictures is that in one her head is turned to the left, in the other she is turning to the right. They are entitled “Vive La France I and II”.