David Hyde Landscape Oil on Canvas with Sheep in a meadow


  • David Hyde
  • Oil on Canvas
  • Countryside
  • Landscape
  • Sheep
  • Framed


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Product Description

A very vibrant study in oil on canvas of sheep in a beautiful wooded country pasture with a lovely cottage in the background painted by David Hyde. This painting is stunning in the use of a multitude of colours to evoke different lighting conditions and to attract the viewers eye to certain parts of the painting. It is framed in a modern cream painted shabby chic gilded hardwood frame which measures 66 x 56 cm (26″ x 22″). The canvas itself measures 51 x 41 cm (20″ x 16″).

David Hyde was born on The Isle of Wight in 1929, became a full time artist and has exhibited in many galleries and exhibitions all over The UK and The USA