David Ramsay-Sellars watercolour A Passing Shower


  • David Ramsay-Sellars
  • Watercolour
  • Boats at sea
  • seascape
  • fishing
  • framed

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Product Description

This is a lovely little watercolour of a number of fishing boats out at sea under sail fleeing from a rainstorm. The picture is in its original frame and is signed to the bottom right hand corner with the title to the bottom left corner. The frame is a gold painted wooden frame with a wooden liner. The frame measures 37 x 29 cm (14.5″ x 11.5″). The painting itself measures 25 x 17 cm (10″ x 7″).

David Ramsay-Sellars British 1854-1922.

The artist was from Dundee and was a renowned watercolourist, respected artist and political activist. He was a driving force behind the setting up of what was to become The Dundee Art Society. Initially, in 1890 it was set up as The Graphic Arts Association with Ramsay-Sellars as its first Secretary