Colin Maxwell Parsons Glenn Oil on Canvas of 19th Century City Street Scene


  • Colin Maxwell Parsons
  • Glenn
  • oil painting
  • canvas
  • Paris
  • Street scene
  • 19th Century

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Product Description

A fantastically atmospheric painting of 19th Century city life by renowned British artist Colin Maxwell Parsons, signed under his pseudonym of “Glenn”. This is a beautifully evocative painting detailing a night time scene on the rainy streets of Paris. The horse drawn coaches are wending their way towards their passengers destinations whilst the gas lamps of the streets light the night sky. A few brave souls brave the walk home or are perhaps waiting for a carriage of their own, The painting is finished in a wooden gilt frame which measures 85 x 58 cm. The painting itself measures 77 x 52 cm.

Colin Maxwell Parsons British born in Birmingham in 1936. According to one source Parsons is considered to be one of the finest contemporary landscape artists in Europe.